Текст песни Swallow The Sun - The giant

Falling from my life deep to the sea Drowning from living to the depths of me Like the water that burns in my lungs And the light that slowly fades above me I'm bleeding rivers and they carried me to the sea Crushing in this pressure, turning to stone Roots rip my flesh and fill my skull As worms dance around my drowning body Feasting for the one that has gone... But I'm arriving, closing the door, ocean floor Seven steps from my cradle Closer to the end with every breath What is this hell that was made for living? I am arriving The giant has grown too big inside me Mountains of black stone, a volcano of dirt When it went wrong? Why am I here now? But not for long... Climbing up from this nest of nothingess My faihthful steps behind me Marking my trail with circles, a path for you all We've been ripped out from the womb Through blood and pain into this life, and we cry Ripped out, given, but made to be taken away I've been hiding this giant for too long And it's grown like a parasite inside me Under this shadow I've been walking Now it's taken over me, and she... The pure girl, leave me before it's too late Or I will cut your wings For I can't control this that burns It flows inside, through my every vein It fills my fingers and burns my throat Chains my heart again Insane pain I throw myself into this stream And let it take me down, underground Here I end, from here I begin The line is broken like my fragile body Flesh rots before the giant's eyes As he awakes from his silent rest Rips open my chest, steps out from this crest Don't take over me please, leave this lonely man, Please leave.
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