Текст песни Sweeney Todd - Wait

[Mrs. Lovett] It's not much of a chair but it'll do. It was me poor Albert's chair. Sat in it all day long he did till half his leg give out with gout. [Sweeney Todd ] Why doesn't the beadle come? Before the week is out. That's what he said. [Mrs. Lovett] Who says the week is out'. It's only Tuesday. Easy now, Hush, love, hush, Don't distress yourself, What's your rush? Keep your thoughts Nice and lush, Wait. Hush, love, hush, Think it through. Once it bubbles, then What's to do? Watch it close. Let it brew. Wait. I've been thinkin' flowers, Maybe daisies, To brighten up the room! Don't you think some flowers,

Pretty daisies, Might relieve the gloom? Ah, wait, Love, wait. [Sweeney Todd] And the judge? When will I get to him? [Mrs. Lovett] Can't you think of nothin' else? Always broodin' away on your wrongs what happened heaven knows how many years ago! (sung) Slow, love, slow. Time's so fast. Now goes quickly, see Now it's past! Soon will come, Soon will last. Wait. Don't you know, Silly man? Half the fun is to Plan the plan! All good things Come to those who can Wait. Gillyflowers, maybe, 'Stead of daisies... I dunno though... What do you think?
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