Текст песни SZA - Sobriety

[Verse 1]I had a dream last night you gave me a ringWith a fucking castle on itAnd a diamond on top that's all I really wantedWhoa ohWhoaUntil two aliens came and chopped both our heads offWith samurai swordsAt least we died together, that's what I thoughtI woke up huggin' leather, am I out of pocket? She ain't got no soul she ain't got no heartLove will stunt your growthLove will make it hard to stay soberSo hard to stay sober [Chorus]I'mma be fine anywayI'mma be coolI'mma keep calmI'mma be right anywayBetter than you, better than herI'mma be old anywayI'mma be on/off anywayI'mma be on/off anyway [Verse 2]

I been through like six SwishersIn one day with one grape and one blueberryWhat would my mother say? She want me to be marriedAnd happy and whole not high and aloneWhoa, that Xanax make you trip, I still ain't got no whipI still ain't got no friendsAt least I got my family, bullshitMy daddy still can't stand meThat hate don't make you hardHate'll make you oldHaters gone too farHate is all I knowAnd I just can't stay soberI can't stay sober You should see the look on your face [Chorus] [Outro]Just can't stay soberI'm trying to stay aliveI can't stay soberI'm just trying to stay aliveI can't stay sober, IAliveI don't know man
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