Текст песни T PAIN - Make That Shit Work

[Intro: T-Pain] I lay the hammer down I'ma build a whole house on that ass, I swear Tell her its hammer time Cause I'm from Tallahassee and you know we get nasty out here Now when we swervin' in the [?], you know we makin' it chirp You almost made me spill this jack on this ten dollar shirt Shawty, tell me when you and your friend get out of work Cause all these other bitches just pretending to twerk [Pre-Hook: T-Pain] I'ma about to unload on a bitch Baby let me see you get low a bit Drink that wine get low on the hips (too fast) Take it slow on the dick [Hook: T-Pain & Juicy J] Now when I walk up in this bitch you know I'm making it work How you fit all that cake in that skirt? I'm whippin' on that ass like I'm making this hurt Waterguns, I be makin' it squirt Walk up in this bitch you better make that shit work I'm throwin' hundreds in your face you better make that shit work And when you hop up on a dick you better make that shit work Make that shit work, make that shit work (x2) Hop up on a dick you better make that shit work I'm throwin' hundreds in your face you better make that shit work [Verse 1: T-Pain] Her booty unbelievable Tryin' to describe it but my crew just don't believe me And if she ain't workin' for the premium I'na stuck it on the side like a motherfuckin' TV I'ma beast I do this shit in reality nigga If she fuck with me she fuck with bestiality nigga I got her working, got her working, losing calories nigga She don't fuck with you cause she knows that your swag ain't official Hundred dollars at a time Drop that pussy on a dime Make it clap to the baseline Boom bap wind chime [Hook] [Verse 2: Juicy J] God damn shawty where you get that ass at Make a nigga hit it twice had to backtrack Hit it three times, she in love with it Shawty hike that ass up, let me come get it You are my thing, I might end the please Lame ass niggas can't hang with a G Ass and them titties what your boy came to see The club ain't got enough change for me And you know I'm gone off a pill not that Tylenol If the bitch ain't eatin' dick she might as well starve Shoot movies in the bed, she gon' play her part Cause when it come to givin' brain she gon' play it smart We throwin' George Washington's, them fives and them tens Twenties, fifties, color money Benjamins Throw that bread tell her momma she gon' be your best friend But that bitch ain't in love she just tryin' to get them M's [Hook: Juicy J]
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