Текст песни Tamia - Sandwich And A Soda

Spend the night hereThat's what I'm talking about boyI'm just sayingAnd I ain't playingIt ain't like that with me when we be layin'Let me love youYou're looking tired of thes ebasic loversWhen I know the subtleYou got the highest You don't got to settle See I'm the type of the girlTo kill to love you downLike you can be the king

And I'll bring you the crownLike shimmy shimmy [?]Shimmy shimmy flowerMe and you on the groundBaby now If you wanna ride these curvesHop on this Chevvy novaAnd if you gonna drive with nerveBaby I'm gon' be your choffeurSee I can make you feel good loveAnd when it's all overI'mma fluff your pillow babyBring you a sandwich and a soda
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