Текст песни Tarja Turunen - Love to Hate

Made of stoneBehind the wallsA heart afraid of breakingShades of fearStained your lifeA child afraid of wakingNumb withinThe sadness won't find youNo returnNo way homeYou're burning all the bridgesStories toldI've read your bookWhere anger writes the pagesSearch within the empty wordsThe answers you'll find at the endWho do you think you are?I gave you the starsYou made them fall from the sky

So this is my goodbyeSwimming in the scarlet rainFar away, far awayEmbracing a thousand bladesFlies away, far awayBreak the cageRun against the flamesDistrust and bitternessIt dies todayLose your rage, save what still remainsDespair and lonelinessWhy you love to hate?Washed the painTime in vainThinking of tomorrowDust of shameNo more rainBrush away my sorrow
Слова и текст песни Tarja Turunen - Love to Hate принадлежит его авторам.

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