Текст песни Tech N9ne - Speedom

[Verse 1: Tech N9ne]I get to busting like like I'm a thirty-aught-sixWhen I'm rippin' the beat up but then I heard ya' got pissedWhen I got at the top, they made it pretty hot'Cuz they knowin that Tecca Ninna's the dirty chop (chopp-er)He's handle, homes here, he's a handfulHoving the holly hovery, hollin' (?)I said to Seven [?]'ll be the manSo we put it together thinking Eminem was a gambleGuess not, cause he be the guest spotKaliko said, "what we doin'?," I said to 'im, "Let's chop"So now the people finally get three of the best lockedNever be another choppers comin' so let's rock, niggaYou're on, people got to wondering if its a for sure songYes I got another killer making a tour strongIf you thinking of battling - you're gone![Verse 2: Krizz Kaliko]Nobody can catch up with me cuz I'm Speedy GonzalezBeatin' the problemAnd if ya got your feet in your mouth you gon' have to be at the bottomIt's a lot of 'em and I mean a lot of 'emAnd me and Nina used to follow [?]And this is it man, the hitman, the it man, karate 'emAnd [?], we'll lift hands, we'll be dancin' out of 'emAnd [?] in advance, to withstand the pile of 'emWho stands with two hands to move in the crowd of 'em

If I ain't makin' sense then you better sampleThe amp of it like the bassIt ain't ever been [?], I heat 'em, I beat 'em, I burn 'emThen I let 'em outThey never heard of us but look at me, I'm turnin' upI slap the shirt off a super symbol to make up a [?][?]I said the purpose to pick a pen and reverse the conditions I'm livin' inAnd do bigger numbers than EminemGotta be fast so I smash on a nigga[Hook: Krizz Kaliko & (Tech N9ne)] x2Speedom!(If you wanna go with us)Speedom!(I'mma leave 'em in the dust)Speedom!(I must be the one to bust)Speedom!(And I'm gonna hit the clutch)[Bridge: Krizz Kaliko] x2Sometimes, I feelLike I'll never slow downWorldwide Choppers[Verse 3: Eminem]Wait! Before I wreck this beatLet me just check to see, if Stephanie Mills left any extra refills of ecstacy pills next to meIn the seat (?) she eat em all with her breakfast drink(You don't expect me to sing!)I'm a lot to take like Kanye walking up on the stage for Beyonce like it's my job to say that you're not a real artist, but it's my obligation[Hook: Krizz Kaliko & Tech N9ne] x2[Bridge: Krizz Kaliko] x2[Verse 4: Tech N9ne]I'm the fury, the final fight[updating now]
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