Текст песни Tenth Avenue North - Times

I know I need YouI need to love YouI'd love to see You But it's been so longI long to feel YouI feel this need for YouI need to hear YouIs that so wrong?Now You pull me near YouWhen we're close I fear YouStill I'm afraid to tell you All that I've doneAre You done forgiving?Or can You look past my pretending, Lord?I'm so tired of defending what I've becomeWhat have I become?I hear You sayMy love is overIt's underneathIt's insideIt's in betweenThe times that you doubt meWhen you can't feelThe times that you questionIs this for real?

The times you're brokenThe times that you mendThe times you hate meAnd the times that you bendWell my love is overIt's underneathIt's insideIt's in betweenThe times that you're healingAnd when your heart breaksThe times that you feel Like you've fallen from graceThe times you're hurtingThe times that you healThe times you go hungry And are tempted to stealIn times of confusionIn chaos and painI'm there in your sorrow Under the weight of your shameI'm there through your heartacheI'm there in the stormMy love I will keep you By my power aloneI don't care where you've fallen Or where you have beenI'll never forsake youMy love never endsIt never ends
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