Текст песни The Acacia Strain - Holy Walls Of The Vatican

I am a nonbeliever I would shit on Virgin Mary if she ever let me see her I am a nonbeliever Weakness is asking forgiveness from your father Pray for rapture because you lack a spine A friend of the devil is a friend of mine This building is condemned I have nothing but contempt You have 20 days to vacate the premises it ought to be a crime It’s your god or your goddamn mind Tear it down or I’ll burn it to the ground I tried playing god, but I ceased to exist I have no soul I am soulless read no bibles, Worship no false idols. Unborn jesus, abort the holy fetus. On your knees Worship the beast The goat will be greeted with the swarming of bees I am the fear I am the light I am the nothing Body of Christ Hear them pray Hallelujah, you wont be saved Throwing rocks through the windows of your shrine I will bathe in the blood of Christ You would sacrifice your first born to avoid a pit of fire You call me a heretic, I call you a liar
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