Текст песни The Clash - Groovy times

The High Street shops are boarded upAn' the terrace it is fenced inSee-through shields are walled acrossThe way that you came inBut there's no need to get excitedAs the lorries bring the bacon in'cause the housewives are all singingGroovy times are here againThey discovered one black Saturday:«That mobs don't march they run!»So you can excuse the nervous triggermanJust this once for jumping the gun

As they were picking up the deadOut of the broken glassYes it's number one, the radio said:«Groovy times have come to pass!»Groovy times!The intake is on the uptakeThe acceleration's pretty grimI can remember his first appearanceNow look what's happened to himSo they put him in a dog suitLike from 1964The king of early evening TVGroovy times forever more!
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