Текст песни The Clash - Guns on the roof

I swear by Almighty GodTo tell the whole truthAnd nothing but the truthGuns gunsThey torture all the women and childrenThen they've put the men to the gun'cause across the human frontierFreedom's always on the runGuns guns a-shaking in terrorGuns guns killing in errorGuns guns guilty handsGuns guns shatter the landsA system built by the sweat of the manyCreates assassins to kill off the fewTake any place and call it a court houseThis is a place where no judge can stand

Sue the lawyers and burn all the papersUnlock the key of the legal papersA jury of a billion facesShouted out condemned out of handGuns guns, and nobody's kiddingGuns guns, or foolin' aroundGuns guns, the violence is singingGuns guns, a silence the sound'N I like to be in AfricaA-beatin' on the final drum'N I like to be in U.S.S.R.Makin' sure these things will come'N I like to be in U.S.A.Pretending that the wars are done'N I like to be in EuropaSaying goodbye to everyoneGuns guns there's guns on the roofGuns guns they're made to shoot
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