Текст песни The Clash - Inoculated city

The soldier boy for his soldier's pay, obeysThe sergeant at arms, whatever he saysThe sergeant will for his sergeant's pay, obeyThe captains until his dying dayThe captain will, for his captain's pay, obeyThe general order of battle playThe generals bow to the government, obey the chargeYou must not relentWhat of the neighbours and the prophets in bars?What are they saying in our public bazaars?We are tired of the tune, "you must not relent"At every stroke of the bell in the tower, there goes

Another boy from another sideThe bulletins that steady come in say thoseFamiliar words at the top of the hourThe jamming city increases its hum, and thoseTerrible words continue to comeThrough brass music of government, hear thoseGuns tattoo a roll on the drumsNo one mentions the neighbouring warNo one knows what they're fighting is forWe are tired of the tune, "you must not relent"The generals bow to the governmentWe're tired of the tune, "you must not relent"
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