Текст песни The Clash - Tommy gun

Tommy gunYou ain't happy less you got oneTommy gunAin't gonna shoot the place upJust for funMaybe he wants to die for the moneyMaybe he wants to kill for his countryWhatever he wants, he's gonna get it!Tommy gunYou better strip it down for a custom runTommy gunWaiting in the airport 'till kingdom comeAn' we can watch you make itOn the nine o'clock newsStanding there in Palestine lighting the fuseWhatever you want, you're gonna get itTommy gunYou'll be dead when your war is wonTommy gun

But did you have to gun down everyone?I can see it's kill or be killedA nation of destiny has got to be fulfilledWhatever you want, you're gonna get it!Tommy gunYou can be a hero in an age of noneTommy gunI'm cutting out your picture from page oneI'm gonna get a jacket just like yoursAn' give my false support to your causeWhatever you want, you're gonna get it!Okay, so let's agree about the priceAnd make it one jet airliner for ten prisonersBoats an' tanks and planes, it's your gameKings an' queens an' generals learn your nameI see all the innocents,the human sacrificeAnd if death comes so cheapThen the same goes for life!
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