Текст песни The Game - Bigger Than Me

[Hook:] These niggas ain't bigger than me These niggas ain't Nas ain't Jigga to me These niggas ain't Em, they ain't 50 to me You ain't Pun, you ain't Pac, you ain't Biggie to me These niggas ain't Crips, they ain't 60's to me These niggas ain't Bloods, they ain't dripping with me Niggas talking that shit, bout the new generation Man Fuck these niggas, I'll slash your fucking faces You niggas ain't sold shit, not an album or a rock Pussy nigga putting rings on my old bitch Dick down the throat ass niggas Old ho' ass niggas Happy cause you went gold ass niggas These niggas ain't spitting with me You ain't sicker than me Fuck out my section you ain't sitting with me This for very important people It's clear that we not equal Clear you niggas faggots, I'm the black Marshall Mathers Like "ying, ying, ying" on a motherfucker Who needs Hulk Hogan when you got Sting on this motherfucker? Less than five albums, Kiss the Ring on this motherfucker California throne and I'm the King on this motherfucker I don't wanna hear it Weak ass lyrics Crying on the hook, thinking we gon feel it Old lost ass niggas Voice crack when you talk ass niggas Rolling blunts for them boss ass niggas I came in with Ye', Jeezy and boss ass niggas Your Freshman cover a whole bunch of soft ass niggas Tampon lyricists, evacuate the premises Mute BET Cyphers, cause I don't wanna hear that shit May you Rest in Piss, you fuck niggas Aye, Frank Ocean go ahead and fuck these niggas (yeah they fuck niggas) Ain't no 3 stacks in your class Take your Top 10 spot and shove it up your ass, bitch boy Niggas already fucked your bitch, you bitch boy And every time you kiss your bitch you suck my dick, bitch boy And when you buy that ho a bag that bitch carry my bricks, bitch boy I was in the Double-XL Red Chucks round my neck I was the G in the Unit Had Buck in my set, word to the rhymes Had Bust a bust around my set Gave Who Kid a Glock in case they bust round my set I'm from Compton Where the glocc can't fuck with that tech That's on bompton 40 Glocc got socked in his neck This a spawn in the flesh Fuck all these pussys, give me any name to call out Left Aftermath, Dre told me Black Marshall Mathers, time to show 'em what it's all 'bout "Ying, ying, ying" on a motherfucker [Hook] Eh Frank Ocean go ahead and fuck these fuck niggas "Ying, ying, ying" on a motherfucker "Ying, ying, ying" on a motherfucker Drop your single, I drop dreams on that motherfucker I should let my daughter scream on this motherfucker The industry soft, I should let Miguel sing on this motherfucker Ride out Blood money, we gon' ride out Ride out And don't think I won't send six niggas to your hide out Rich Gang
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