Текст песни The Game - Hit Em Hard

[Verse 1 - Game:] I got a black mac and a six pack I don't work out, I don't chit chat My bitch bad, I get racks That Rolls Royce, come gift-wrapped Them birds still come shrink-wrapped I'm not strapped, don't think that I'm low key with that click clack That rat a tat tat tat tat Throw the burner and I'm runnin' home Niggas stop being loyal when the money gone Still walk in this bitch, I'm a hundred strong One chain on my neck, feel like I got a hundred on Look at my flow on this bitch Platinum and gold on my wrist Money, the accountant be countin' it That's why I'm throwin' this shit I'm in BK with that SK Same clothes since yesterday With that Biggie Smalls on replay And I ain’t wearing no vest today I do the Shmoney dance with this mac You better do it too or get Shmurda’d I be grilling that beef, I ain’t talkin’ no burgers I finna be walkin’ like I’m a New Yorker I let off the K and then I hope in the Uber It’s never a question that I am the shooter I empty the clip and lay you in a pool of Blood, see how he got hit with the Ruger? Blood, bandana that’s how we be movin’ Blood, swooping from Compton to Brooklyn And this ain’t the Barclays but niggas be shootin’ [Hook - Bobby Shmurda x2:] Running niggas down back and forth I’m like pass the torch Blast it off Niggas making bets so who gonna blast him off First to score We gon’ hit 'em hard We gon’ hit 'em all First to score We gon’ hit 'em all We gon’ hit 'em hard [Verse 2 - Freddie Gibbs:] Running cocaina back and forth Copped the bag of salt E S to the G N I’m the boss dropped the package off Coming for the murder, masks is off Bitch you took a loss Fuck the DEA we shook ‘em off Bitch we shook ‘em off Shook and twist the jars And dope on my mommas stove top By the time she came back from church boy I bet you I had an O stocked In the middle of the muhfuckin' day, no more yayo, boy I done sold out Nigga pull up in a mothafuckin’ foreign on forgies that’ll bring them hoes out Like yeah nigga, niggas keep beggin’, I pull out a pump in this bitch like I’m blizzard Yeah, empty your pockets, we robbin’, these bitches got all of us trippin’ Nigga, it’s better to ask for forgiveness than ask for permission You catchin’ the hollow, I’m catchin’you slippin', I did it alone, only God as my witness My nigga got off cause we tied up the witness, and made sure the nigga couldn't show up in court You know the business, them niggas find out that you snitchin', them niggas gon' be at your throat Everyday Halloween niggas will go trick or treatin', with two tweny-three at your door Flippin' a check off this rappin', go back to the trap and put that in the weed and the blow like [Hook x2] [Verse 3 - Skeme:] I just caught a body like a week ago These hatin' niggas want attention, I don't see 'em though You talk that gangsta shit, but I just can't believe it bro We pull up with them shots, knockin' out that European [?] S to the K to the E-M-E, callin' here EMT after I empted this clip I sold my dope right on CMT, I'm at the ING, know I'm as weird as it gets Chuck Taylor told me it's fuck haters, so I say fuck 'em and bury these niggas in pits Rolley on wrist, no toc or no tic, your girl on my dick, man come get your bitch Niggas think this a rap now, I might back down and come try your luck Riders with me be wired up, they ridin' with me till the tyres bust Haters talkin', but they better cool it, before that nigga Crooked get fired up Lay you out like my Balmains, you gotta play 'em straight, he get ironed up Drinkin' lean till I'm high enough, I don't give a fuck about [?] nigga I ain't squashin' shit, I won't call it off, I just handle mine like a man nigga I'm on frontline with these bands nigga Need a chair, I can't stand niggas We do walk-by's and hop outs Got slidin' doors on that van nigga [Hook x2]
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