Текст песни The Game - It's Okay (One Blood)

[The Game:]Dre, I see dead people[Junior Reid:]Modern vampires of the city...Hunting blood... bloood... blood...Blood, Blood, Blood, Blood-Blood-Blood [x3][The Game:]Yo, Dre Thought I was dead West... Coast [Verse 1: The Game]I'm the Doctor's Advocate, nigga Dre shot yaBrought me back from the dead,That's why they call him the doctorThe 'math don't drop themAnd 50 ain't rockin' with him no more,It's okay, I get it poppin'Whole club rockin' like a '64 impalaDrink Cris', throw it up, call the shit hydraulicsThen piss in the cup, call the shit hypnoticI bleed Compton, spit crack and shit chronicAnd you new niggas ain't shitBut new niggasBathing Ape shoe niggasI'm talkin' to you, niggaBouncin' in the '64 throwin' up West side, manSellin' another 5 million albums, yes I amFresh like damn, this nigga did it againA hundred thousand on his neck, L.A. above the brimInside the lambo in the shotgun with SnoopWhat would the motherfuckin' West coast be without one crip and...[Chorus: Junior Reid]One Blood [x4] Blood, Blood, Blood, Blood-Blood-Blood [x3] One Blood [x4] [Verse 2: The Game]I'm from the West side of the '64 ImpalaWhere niggas say "Where you from" we'll never say "Holla"Bandanna on the right side, gun on the left side

Niggas in New York, know how to throw up the West sideWord to EazyI'm so ill, believe meI made room for JeezyBut the rest of you niggas better be glad you breathin'All I need is one reasonI'm the king, and Dre said the West coast need meI don't know why you niggas keep tryin' meEverybody knows I'm the heir to the Aftermath dynastyAnd I ain't gotta make shit for the clubWhat DJ gonna turn down the .38 snub?You 38 and you still rappin' uuuhI'm 26 nigga, so is the dubsOn the '07 HummerHop out with no bodyguardsWhen the chronic smoke clear all you see is...[Chorus: Junior Reid]One Blood [x4] Blood, Blood, Blood, Blood-Blood-Blood [x3] One Blood [x4] [Verse 3: The Game]I ain't got beef with 50, no beef with JayWhat's beef when you gettin' head in the 6-tray?And the double game chain, I keep 'em on displayBlack T-shirt, so all you see is the ATurn on the TV, and all you see is the AYou niggas better make up a dance and try to get radio playKeep on snappin' your fingers, I ain't going awayI don't regret what I spit, cause I know what I sayAnd niggas keep talkin' about me, they don't know when to stopI got the Louis Vuitton belt buckle, holdin' the GlockNo beam, no silencer, I know when to popWait 'til Lil' Jon come on and left off a shotI have the number 1 billboard spotNiggas stepped on my fingers, and I climb right back to the topI'm Big, I'm Cube, I'm Nas, I'm 'PacThis ain't shit but a warnin' 'til my album drop[Chorus: Junior Reid]One Blood [x4] Blood, Blood, Blood, Blood-Blood-Blood [x3] One Blood [x8] Blood, Blood, Blood, Blood-Blood-Blood [x3] One Blood [x4]
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