Текст песни The Game - Moment of Violence

[Jon Connor:]Yeah, yeah!Let me talk my shit.Nigga, this that 90 miles per hour on the freeway, nigga!This that mothafuckin' black hoodie shit, my nigga![The Game:]Now we been baptized in a gunfire,These cops round here too mothafuckin' one-sided,They fuckin' liars!Every time I hear these mothafucka's sirens blarin',I wanna put something through that badge,Hollow tips in your power steering,We say fuck cops and then them gun shots!All night we duckin' them buckshots.We hear pop-pop! Nigga, hop, pop!You ain't strapped then, homie, why the fuck not?Hearin' guns cock, we hear one shot,It's a moment of silence for the whole block,‘Cause when one of us gone, it's like we all gone.Fuck that, yo, I'm ready to fight![King Mez:]‘Cause I'm so tired of this same old shit,Feelin' like I ain't got not rights,Every time I turn around them red and blue lightsAlways fuckin' up my night.And me wanna load up and put all you pretty mothafuckas up in my sight,All up in my sight.[The Game & Jon Connor:]You done fucked up now,You done crossed that line,Wait till I come back,Imma bust that nine.Y'all thought that shit was fine,Till that shit go brraow!I done lost my mind,Niggas is ‘bout to find outSomebody gon' die tonight.

Fuck the police!Shit, fuck the police!It's about to be a silent night.All this blood on the streets, man, fuck the police!When that crowd ignite,And unite like, "Fuck the police!"Better hug yo wife,Man, fuck yo life!Payback, payback![Justus:]I done lost my fuckin' son because of this bullshit,Now I'm at the pulpit because of what I did with that full clip,And the judge and the jury so fuckin' full of shit.Do you know how many timesThese mothafuckas try to pull this shit?[The Game:]And it's fuckin' murder,Hide behind your badge and get away with it.Thought it was protect and serve,But half the time that's really not the way it is.But you niggas got it comin',And you so outnumbered,It's ‘bout to be a cold ass summer.And I'll be on my kneesPraying for the dayThat you remember me,You'll come back this way.And who's gonna love me now, ay?Oh, daddy, why'd you let me down, down?Oh, did you forget I was your flesh and blood?I need you to remember me!Ooh, praying for the day‘Cause mama couldn't raise no man,And though she do the things she can,Every woman needs a helping hand.
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