Текст песни The Game - Or Nah

[Intro - Too $hort:] Don't fight the feelin' That's right, don't fight the feelin' [Interlude - The Game:] Say, my life is like a movie, nigga, fuckin' every day Fuckin' every day, nigga, fuckin' every day Say, my life is like a movie, nigga, fuckin' every day Missionary, doggy style, nigga, fuckin' every way, go [Verse 1 - The Game:] I'm not the nigga you thought that That trickin', we off that, I hit that, no fallback She ratchet, I like it, I hold it, she bite it She lick it and suck it, I fuck it, he wife it No feelings for a ho that ain't my main thing My niggas on the same thing, all my niggas gang bang Bitches do choke, this is my boo Two C's on that bag but she throw a Piru And we off that Cîroc, she don't mind it I do Her girlfriend a thot, tell her hop in my coupé Tell her hop in my bed, tell her hop off my roof My baby-mama trippin' and that bitch can shoot but [Hook - The Game:] You gon' let me hit or nah? [King Marie:] "Can I get the dick or nah?" You gon' let me watch you strip or nah? [King Marie:] "Can a bitch get a fit or nah?" [Bridge - Eric Bellinger:] Girl, once you get it, you got it forever Oh, nah, so let me hit it Girl, once you get it, you got it forever Oh, girl, so let me hit it [Verse 2 - Eric Bellinger:] If you let a nigga come through I'm give it to you better than you ever had it Girl, I promise, I'm a be the only thing you want to do Makin' you forgot about your niggas automatic, you already know I can fuck you better, can we live together? [Verse 3 - Problem:] Bitch a problem, bitch, you better follow me I give you this dick, you hit the lottery I know all the stars, astrology Last deposit fucked up the whole economy Get that, spent twenty-ten, bitch-nigga Kush, piff in it, every white string infinite You different, last night, niggas picturin' Seven times, had a black chick tryin' white shit Federline, I'm the future, real beef, I'll shoot you Walk-walk, no talk-talk, no sub and no woofers It's on, tell by my tone Real nigga call, better answer your phone [Hook] [Bridge] [Verse 4 - AV:] You gon' be a nigga's bitch or nah? You gon' let a nigga hit or nah? What you sayin', know you're with it so why you playin? Bitch, you better fuck a rich nigga while you can I be on one, two C's for the city I'm on, I got Crip and Blood niggas with me Wait up, just tell me you with it and let me get it Baby, you can skip the bullshit and let me hit it Three pills down, got me rollin' like Nip Keep playin' games but you know that you a flip, hold up Bitch, quit playin' and give it up You gon' let a nigga hit or what? What's up? [Hook] [Bridge] [Outro - Too $hort:] Don't fight it baby Don't fight the feelin' You know a nigga tryna fuck I like that bitch, teah, baby Your pussy wet? Take them panties off Don't fight it, let a nigga hit that shit You like to fuck, all these bitches love fuckin'
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