Текст песни The Weeknd - XO/The Host

[Verse 1:]Shots of the Henny, bottles of Patrón,Blunts to your face, you don't wanna sing no more; Lost your C notes,Cabbed all day, took the bus back home.Evictions on your door, blame it on the weed,Blame it on the booze,Blame it on the night life, lights passin' you, yeah!Just don't blame it on me, That you wanna come and partyWith a nigga like me, ‘cause I get it.You're built like a Goddess,And it seems like you been stressin',‘Specially when your nose redFrom that k, special Diet Coke.You need more bread, now you got no rent,You blow that money, money,You try to window shop, You blow another hundred.She's fuckin' goons in the day,Hipster nights downtown And your daddy don't know you're out.[Chorus:]If they don't let you in,You know where to find me,‘Cause if you wanna go again,You can always call me‘Cause all we ever do is love.Open up ya mind, you can find the love.Girl, you ain't alone,We all been alone,Baby, just be honest.XO, oh, don't you forget?XO, don't you worry ‘bout a thing?XO, we'll be everything you need, just believe.XO, yeah, XO, woah![Verse 2:]I love it when your eyes are red,Ah, yeah, are you on my cloud yet?‘Cause I got a brand new cam,

Can we video feed, Сan we POV?I wanna catch you at your best.When your hair's a messYou look so depressed,And you're filled with regret,And you feel like you gotta go home.‘Cause these nights pass so much quicker then the days did,Same clothes you ain't ready for your day shift,But you up, you need money for ya face lift.Lust over love is ya mindset.Waken up with most of ya side wet,Another room, you hear your mom cryin'‘Cause she found your bag stuffed in the laundry,And the Bacardi from the last party.[Chorus]I need, I need something from you.Oh, there's so much love to pass around,There's too much love.Girl, the night's almost doneAnd who you came with is already gone.You said, you want me,But I remember who you are.Girl, it wasn't long ago,Didn't think I'd go this far?I got a test for you.You said, you want my heart,Well, baby, you can have it all.There's just something that INeed for you is to meet my boys.I got a lot of boys,And we can make you right,And if you get too high,Baby, come over here and ride it out.Oh, oh, whoa, yeah!Ride it out.Oh, oh, whoa, yeah!Ride it out.Ride it out.Just ride it.
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