Текст песни Therion - Anthem

Chapter 7. Scene 3. Seth states a manifesto with the message that world peace is safe and that the power to maintain it is his. The process ends with a grand newly composed national anthem for the USE. When Seth puts his hand on his heart everyone present follow his example. After the last note, AC spots Helena who is pushing on one of the entrance doors. She wants discreetly to him. Seth meets her gaze and smiles. Seth enters a balcony and the people of the city declare their joy and loyalty. With momentum he is even honoured the title of emperor – Caesar. [SETH] Blessed now be ye all, friends in faith placing trust deep where future burns. Peace is rising from this day on, so will all of us return. For where mornings used to bring no hope a new form of light shall reign. The source of this left a spark in my heart, glowing to form a tone of ending pain. Out of the darkness to rise side by side, let's join forever to the sound of pride... [VOTERS] We will follow you Caesar Seth, you are sacred, from heaven sent. Nevermore shall we turn and flee, truth in us shall fight for thee... In the future we will leave behind ceasing things we cannot find. Deep in our minds we will place hand on heart, calling on angels you keep from the dark. Follow your light will we all, Caesar Seth, until our savior brings the end. [FEMALE VOTER] Trace the bloodline of ancient kings, it will tell us what future brings. [MALE VOTER] Hope of lanterns within our souls will soon be glowing to behold. [SETH] Lead lost ages to your open hand, they will fall into your heart again. [VOTERS] Tomorrow we'll forge no chains for ourselves. Of peace and plenty we will live to tell. Our names take flight and this day will live on, wingless its riding circles of the sun.
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