Текст песни Therion - Astral Sophia

Chapter 16. Scene 1. Sophia's spiritual being is located in an astral dimension, characterized by distinctive combinations of light and colours. She senses a power being present and asks if it has been there for long. A supernatural voice responds and confirms this. Sophia identifies the force as being the Majesty himself, as she chooses to call it. She asks how things will develop for their children who have become so entangled with each other. The voice argues that the responsibility rests in their own hands and that no offspring can survive without the other. The conversation then proceeds, focusing further on this emotional issue, before the voice advices Sophia to abandon her fear. Then it assures her that they'll meet again at the end of all revelation. [SATAN] Colored shadows taste, astral Sophia. Scarlet juices hear, astral Sophia. [SOPHIA] Have you been here long, floating in the dark, like a shining stream – have you Majesty? [SATAN (SOPHIA)] Many are my names moving above me. Ominous my touch searching beneath thee. Locked beyond the gate of stars. I've been sent to travel far. Broken seals from long ago. Wells below await to flow. Burning, grieving, ruling this lonely world. Glorious entity, dear child of mine. Hear him, hear me, hear all and every word. Knowing, believing, (I see in you...) a new form of light. [SOPHIA] My Helena – brings peace to thy son, and my Johanna – his fate... [SATAN] They're mesmerized by their false disguise. Cradle set alight leads us into night – again! [SATAN (SOPHIA)] Walls of sleep shall fade away. (Our children seek the way). Rid them of their human waste. (They will not be afraid). Spirits of their misery (No seed may be condemned) shall embrace the enemy. (when revelation ends). [SATAN & SOPHIA] Viewing horizons of future serene born on the night sky to all of our dreams.
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