Текст песни Therion - Behold Antichrist!

Chapter 14. Scene 2C. Everyone is in shock and quiet. Seth realizes his mistake and within him, the same hellish storm rages which appeared during the night at the cliff. He tries to express his authority over the people, but they are still in shock and many openly oppose him. Apollonius conjures, in secret, storm clouds outside. Everything becomes darkened. Johanna and her companions openly accuse him of being the Antichrist. Pope Pete joins their accusations. A thunderclap is heard and a flash of flames hits the temple, knocking Johanna down. Apollonius again invokes a flash and the Pope falls down lifeless next to Johanna. Seth and Apollonius speak of God's judgement for the attacks on his son. Then Seth turns around and leaves the stage, leaning on Apollonius's shoulder. Two bodies lie in front of Professor Pauli, terror and silence reign in the courtroom. [SETH] Hear my name – Caesar Seth! Understand who I am! [MARE & AGNES] Godless and forsaken you are, hush your nonsense! [SETH] Do not fear – Caesar Seth! Trust again who I am! [MARE & AGNES] Behold revelation! Beware of the serpent! [SETH] I am the one the one you desire, the voice of God! [x2] [POPE PETER II] Sublime thy soul, it will lead us into Sodom! [MARE, AGNES, & JOHANNA] Behold Antichrist! Beware Antichrist! [POPE PETER II] We challenge you – spawn of the abyss, seductive beast! The fallen one, by our Lord expelled from him! [SETH] Behold, our Lord has spoken to protect the truth from the lies awoken. [APOLLONIUS] For this treason and accusations false – God avenged his son! [MARE] Always remember Johanna – holy one of grace eternal. [AGNES] Save thy servants for all to see – us thy children who trust in thee! [PROFESSOR PAULI] Always remember these two hearts. Father, greet their souls immortal!
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