Текст песни Therion - Beneath the Starry Skies

Chapter 20. Scene 1. Word is spread that Pope Peter is raising an army and atmosphere in the palace is stressed and chaotic. In the midst of it all, Seth and Helena have a conversation under the stars on the roof. Seth drops down to his knees next to her. Under the night sky, he struggles with himself. What's his purpose? Why does he suffer? What awaits in the future? He feels some kind of painful decision approaching. Helena kneels down next to him. She declares her loyalty and love for him. Demons appear behind them. [SETH] I am still lost between the whispers and the cries, forgotten in your arms beneath starry skies. A human touch still embracing who I am, embracing me, silencing the pleas of this man. [HELENA] A wind bringing us rain, never again, beneath the starry skies. [SETH] Dissolve words on my tongue, behold waters flow into the sea, tides will carry us home, undress for spring. On my lips place your name for your eyes are pearls beyond this world. [HELENA] Poets may promise us all gold that can never come true but what will be left through the glass of love – starry skies sparkling above, you and I – my angel eyes, my angel eyes. Dripping darkness cover morning, enter our hearts, beneath the starry skies. [DEMON CHOIR] Lost in chaos of time you are, turn of future shall rise for thee. So seek the hall of the empty God – fate will bring you eternity...
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