Текст песни Therion - Cursed Be the Fallen

Chapter 14. Scene 2D. The darkness of the congress hall is replaced by a supernatural light. Professor Pauli enters the stage, speaking to everybody present. He designates the Emperor as the Antichrist and banishes him. All communication with the Emperor must end and the council must wander into the desert and there await the second coming of Jesus. Professor Pauli receives unanimous acclaim. At the same time, the light falls on Johanna and Pope Pete II. As if by an invisible force, they rise. In happiness and some dismay, all come rushing to assist them. [PROFESSOR PAULI] Words we have been told: rise of glory – end of pain, are all betrayal! He is the antichrist! Cursed be the fallen! [MARE & AGNES] Hallelujah! Blessed be thee – heavenly wonders! Hallelujah! [AGNES] With thee we all soon shall rise! [PROFESSOR PAULI] Beyond the desert dunes, the secret coming of our Lord awaits us from heaven!
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