Текст песни Therion - Dagger of God

Chapter 12. Scene 1. Johanna and some friends are sitting rapt in prayer at Johanna's dining table. A dagger half wrapped in a cloth is placed on a small round table. Johanna picks up the dagger and explains that it alone can destroy the Antichrist when his time has come. Helena appears outside the door and stops, overhearing in secrecy. [JOHANNA] Behold this dagger... Dagger of God, wrapped in this cloth, purpose it has only but one... [AGNES] Unveil the prophecies and what this blade must do. So much I've heard – tell me if it is true... [JOHANNA] Dagger of God has come to me. The Antichrist – my nemesis. Dagger of God – do touch the blade. We all must be ready and brave. [AGNES] Nothing but this can kill – conquer the evil one. Oh Lord tell me – what will of this become...? Blessed be this dagger – this dagger of God!
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