Текст песни Therion - Day of Wrath

Chapter 24. Scene 1. Johanna and Seth are both dreaming at night, making themselves mentally prepared. Sophia and Satan are watching from the astral atmosphere. [SOPHIA] Slowly, mist erases dawn. Turn to dust shall the island of dreams and silver. [SOPHIA, SETH & SATAN] What will of this day become? Colored red is the heaven behind our darkness. [JOHANNA] Oh savior, show me the way. Oh savior, show me... [SETH] Out of the dark, my nocturnal art soon shall become morning. Echoes of pain following my name, none shall remain – fire bring! [SOPHIA] When the tales of love are gone, one by one on the stairway of no returning... [SOPHIA, SETH & SATAN] ...love itself shall linger on – it will be there – vibration, like rhythm burning. [JOHANNA] Savior, guiding my way – my faith shall never fail. [SETH & SATAN] Shadows of light, children of the night soon shall unite mankind. Eyes of the deep watching in your sleep, dreams running free through your mind. [JOHANNA] Lord, your day has come – your day of wrath...
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