Текст песни Therion - Garden of Peace

Chapter 7. Scene 1. The book by Seth has taken the entire country by storm and everywhere voices are raised that Seth should be proclaimed both political and spiritual leader of the USE. An invitation for Seth to speak in front of the council has been offered to him. The day before his speech Seth is strolling through a famous garden close to the conference hall, thinking about his big moment awaiting the next day. In her role as gardener, Helena is sitting by some flowers she is attending to. When Seth passes, Helena rhetorically asks if the big moment is soon to come... Seth acknowledges and begins to ask polite questions, after which Helena starts to tell about her life in general but emotionally engaged terms. She also expresses her admiration for him. Something in the small talk touches Seth, offering piece of mind. Her life seems so different from his, but nevertheless, there is a sort of identification and attraction. [HELENA] Greet the sun, bright and beautiful – What better day to be king? [SETH] Such it may be – dawning of Eden. I'm here to answer its call. But in darkness I tremble in fear of tomorrow. Fate – let me go, let me fall... [BOTH] In the garden of peace, beneath ancient trees. Here is a wisdom... [HELENA] ...I wish for you to share with me... [BOTH] ...Deep in the slumber of answers to be. [HELENA] Sir, behold – garden of delight... [SETH] Yes, I have heard of your art. [HELENA] Such is my life, simple but always true. I wish to share this with you. [SETH] When in darkness I tremble in fear of tomorrow, I will remember this day. [HELENA] Open your heart... [BOTH] For to drown in silent rivers cold means that we are soon floating on the green – forever we behold – surface... [SETH] ...of dreams. [BOTH] In the garden of peace, we'll lay down our deeds to make them blossom unseen. To make them blossom like dreams. [HELENA] Deep... [BOTH] Deep in the slumber of answers to be our dreams...
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