Текст песни Therion - Jewels from Afar

Chapter 8. Scene 2. Helena joins him and speaks gently about how she and Johanna as children experienced how the stars spoke to them from another world. Helena says that she was mostly fascinated by a peculiar star that always shone most brightly in the morning. There is silence for a moment. Suddenly Seth notes that Helena with tear-filled eyes is searching for his eyes. She says that genuinely understands his loneliness and emptiness but also his greatness. Helena uses words that reach deep into the mind of Seth. He senses a kindred spirit. When Helena subsequently calls for calm and suggests that they should allow themselves to be surrounded by silence, AC grabs her hand, embraces her. They join in a kiss. [HELENA] Lovely is this night... [SETH] Evening falls – nothing I do behold. [HELENA] Moments of childhood days come back, a few precious seconds I fly out. Shining beyond the moon – my beloved star always inviting me, born of secrecy – my morning star. Dear Majesty, oh please look at me... [SETH] Speak the truth my dear, from where come the tears...? [HELENA] Your soul I hear it sings in silence, utterly alone... [SETH] Riddles in your eyes, jewels from afar, tell the evening sky who we really are... [HELENA] Dear Majesty, do not plague yourself, do not turn your mind to the dark. Silence speaks to us, so hush...Let it be. [SETH] Angel of my dawn, take me by the hand and your morning star will arise again.
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