Текст песни Therion - Morning Has Broken

Chapter 6. Scene 1. The leader of the USE is sitting in a luxurious salon. It is night. He reads aloud from the book authored by Seth. Then content's innovative and accurate philosophies concerning the circumstances around as being human shake his senses. In the middle of a sentence he is interrupted by his wife. She asks if she can get him something, then how things are...? It's almost morning and he has been there all night. He rises from the armchair, carries the book as he walks back and forth in the salon reading aloud. Eventually he closes the book and holds it gently pressed against his chest. Without turning towards his wife, he begins to speak to her. He advocates that the text's insights are unparalleled in history – he is forced to recognize his own mediocrity and that a new era is approaching for humanity. His place in power will soon be gone; the people have found their new leader. The wife tries to comfort and encourage. He stresses then that they should be grateful that they get to experience this era of miracles. At the point, they hear increasing murmurs and cheers from a gathering crowd outside. He encourages her to listen, to hear. Light is gently breaking into the dim room. The wife points out that morning has arrived. Yes, he agrees, morning has indeed arrived. The light slowly increases in intensity, as does the sound from the crowd outside. [PRESIDENT] Wisdom of insight in bloom I thought I knew... And still these pages portray it is not true. The fruit of Eden grows ripe between my hands. New age of mankind – born within this man! [WIFE] What troubles you my love? Why are you not with me? The dawn is soon to come. Please tell me what you see...will we still make patterns leading to heaven's gate...? [PRESIDENT] Oh these words fly, roaming the old sky and search high through the speechless clouds. They cross the oceans where knowledge roams the waters. Their echoes guide us to sail the hunger we long to feel... Visions of shadows, the past drowns in the dark. I hope to be there when light fulfill its spark. The tales of future shall hope soon provide. Only the truth in his words shall purify. [WIFE] Our leader still you are, through the heavens dreams soon shall be carried far across the world again. And my heart will stay closer to the pain... [PRESIDENT] Dearest, now hear me, you do not understand. Voices already sing throughout the land. Join me in silence and listen to the wind – in the break of dawn this morning it will begin... [BOTH] Morning has broken – a new day has begun!
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