Текст песни Therion - My Voyage Carries On

Chapter 26. Scene 2. Apollonius is suddenly spiritually fettered – surrounded by demons and flames, he tries to release himself but his arsenal is weakened. Fire, spells – nothing seems to help. Behind the demon crowd, Sophia's spirit suddenly rises. She speaks magic mantras and incantations that drive the demons against Apollonius. She then exclaims that this is his punishment for allowing the demons to come on to Johanna in the desert. Apollonius deeply realizes that he no longer has any role to play in this. He must, as always in history, leave the scene to enter somewhere else at some other point in time. [DEMONS] Come to us now, Magic Master! [SOPHIA] Demons you did send to possess my Johanna, my child! [APOLLONIUS] Rest assured my lore will my soul defend. Reach me you can never who are from heaven sent. [DEMONS] Come to us now, Magic Master! [APOLLONIUS] In this time and place, where will I go? Sophia, be cursed – eternally I shall haunt you! [SOPHIA] Not the only one with powers, magic man you are. [APOLLONIUS] I will cast you out, you traitors of the spell. Serpents of Sophia – be gone! [DEMONS] Here we are still, all by the light rejected and by your will in astral vaults created. [SOPHIA] Now from a kingdom of your own to the void you return. [APOLLONIUS] At this growing eve, could it be I am done? Why should I come to grieve? My voyage carries on... [DEMONS] You will join us in the darkness. Come to us now, Magic Master!
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