Текст песни Therion - Our Destiny

Chapter 7. Scene 2. Seth has entered the conference hall and accepted the request to become the new president. He speaks of the past of mankind and his visions for a superior future. The congress unanimously vote to elect Seth as president of the USE. [SETH] Buried under veils of failure from the past, Dreams are fading slowly on the ground. We search for the seeds of pride that once used to flourish inside. People hear me – our destiny, it used to be the ghost of mirrors. Our destiny, today we see reborn amongst us. Nothing reaches heaven but the human soul, every earthly kingdom has to fall. We stand on our own with time, still bound for the eternal tide. People join me – our destiny, now rest with thee, rejoice together! Our destiny, shall never fail to shine forever. Now rest with thee, our destiny.
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