Текст песни Therion - Signs Are Here

Chapter 2. Scene 2. At the same time Helena's sister Johanna is standing in front of the symbol denoting the Christian secret society she is the leader of. A dozen members are standing in a semicircle in front of her as she opens herself to the Holy Spirit. At her side are Mare and Agnes. Johanna proclaims God's greatness and sovereignty, the way of salvation through Jesus Christ alone and that nothing else can save mankind. She talks about all the false prophets and that even more will come. [ALL] In the grace of God we trust! [x4] Watching the sign of the Capricorn, daughters and sons of Adam. Darkness, Johanna, no longer sworn to cross the path of heaven. [AGNES (JOHANNA)] Enter night, fallen angel Satan. (I am) Praised Master Jesus enter thy dawn - Hallelujah! (still your Johanna.) [JOHANNA] Stand, dearest Agnes by my side and Mare – join her in the light. Come, let our prayer rise and shine, the flame of holy war ignite. [ALL] Jesus save us - children of God! [JOHANNA] Signs are here to tell of Antichrist. [ALL] Jesus save us - children of God! [JOHANNA] Stars align to form the end of time. [MEN] Two paths diverge in time – choose the one light travels by! [ALL] Free thy soul and unchain thy heart! [x2] In the grace of God we trust! [x4]
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