Текст песни Therion - The Palace Ball

Chapter 8. Scene 1. Evening. The Emperor arranges a ball in his palace. Lots of stylish guests are strolling around. Murmurs and toasting can be heard. Elegantly dressed, Helena and Johanna enter the newly appointed Emperor's residence. As guests of honor, they are escorted through the crowd of people to the Emperor in person. They kneel before Seth who first kisses Helena's willing hand, after this Johanna's more cautious one. The eye contact between Seth and Johanna lingers while polite phrases are exchanged. Seth gets irresistible impulse to invite Johanna to the evening's first dance. A bit jumpy and resolute, she hesitates. Guards intent to create a free passage to the dance hall but Seth averts this move and instead he sneaks in with Johanna close beside him. The ensemble begins to play. During the dance, Seth is trying to establish deep contact with Johanna but feels that he is consistently politely rebuffed. When the piece of music ends, Seth leads Johanna back to Helena. Then he moves out to the balcony from which he, in heavy contemplation, suffers from melancholy under the starry sky. [GUESTS] Light of moon is falling through the evening curtains, glittering when finding jewels, gold and all. Strolling in excesses, fancy suits and dresses, raising our glasses to the palace ball. [HELENA] Follow me Johanna, join me in a toast. [JOHANNA] Not so fast Helena, where is our host? [HELENA] Over there, I see him – elegance and pride. [JOHANNA] Let us go to greet him, look into his eyes. [SETH] Enchanting, yes it is to meet Madame again. Allow me now to kiss your tender little hand. [HELENA] Such an honor Caesar to kneel here at your feet. Next to me my sister, I wish for you to meet. [SETH] This must be Johanna, your eyes do mine entrance. May I have the pleasure to offer you a dance...? Like wings you cross the air of our tune as night birds do when tides obey the moon. [JOHANNA] Deeper is your soul than a waterfall drowning in your memory of God. [SETH] To dance among the somber shadows pain shall be the drying sun of every rain. [JOHANNA] What have you to show? Powers from below, powers that are dangling from a string. [SETH] Light and darkness are the chords we play, Two melodies will find a common way. [JOHANNA] Listen I will not to this evil plot, Caesar, so I thank you for this dance. [GUESTS] Light of moon is falling through the evening curtains glittering when finding jewels, gold and all. The silence is unbroken, a million words unspoken by sleeping ghosts awoken at the palace ball.
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