Текст песни Therion - Theme of Antichrist

[CHOIR] He came to our world, to save us all from disaster. In search of truth, to bring us hope for a new day. But haunted by his pride, mirror of a lie, he was led astray. Moving silence cold, visions to behold, he would lose his way. ANTICHRIST! [x2] [APOLLONIUS] A new kind of vision, nothing may be what it seems. [SETH] Consigned to the flames, bloodshed would rise from my dreams. [CHOIR & JOHANNA] Hallowed be thy name, but what will remain, more than empty words? Never take away questions from the answers to the world. [SETH] "Path of night, where dark is light, the only left to claim. Only one, to travel on, which shall remain the same..." [HELENA] Our bodies have parted, but never our spirits. Joined in my soul with him, with the morning star forever more. [CHOIR] ANTICHRIST! [x2] Who is good and who is evil – will we ever live to see the truth...?
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