Текст песни Therion - Through Dust, through Rain

Chapter 2. Scene 1. Helena sits at her dying mother Sophia's bedside holding her hand. Helena expresses concern and sorrow facing the inevitable. Sophia reassures her that death is but a passage she is well prepared to handle. Helena remains sad. Sophia comforts her and says she knows that Helena is thinking of her sister. Sophia is fondling Helena's hand in hers. She utters that Johanna cannot yet accept her mother's deep insight in magical work nor in anything that enriches the human spirit. Helena stresses that she understands. The mother says that one day, even Johanna will understand that humanity needs both light and darkness. Sophia is talking further about big changes that will, and that she earnestly desires the best for her two daughters. She asks Helena not to reject Johanna, to continually try to bring her into the true light. Helena promises to respect her mother's wishes. Sophia thanks her tenderly. “It will be my last wish” – she says. Silence fills the room. [SOPHIA] Dear child of mine, pain turns to destiny... Down from the mountains, in the form of a rose the thunder of oceans shall bring forth the ghost of an infinite star that will rest in my tree like the full moon of night, descending like me. Such is my journey, no matter where my spirit shall travel you will be there... [HELENA] Winter sheds its grief in snow – summer weeps, it must be so... Thus let thee live, unseen, unknown. Light is the body and no more than a shell releasing our spirits to heaven or hell while embracing my love to let go of your hand and to reach for a kingdom forgotten by man. Forgive my sister, she would not come. This travel, she said, you must do alone... [SOPHIA] Bring to heart Johanna's name, through my blood you share the same, to hold, to keep through dust, through rain. [HELENA] Say you knew, yes, only you could grow the seeds of time. Run and flow through silver snow of mountains spring must climb. From this hill, to waters still, My heart will guide your way. Love and wrath, my epitaph before your name I lay.
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