Текст песни Therion - Thy Will Be Done

Chapter 17. Scene 1. A bit out in the desert Johanna, Mare and Agnes, Pope Pete II and Professor Pauli secretly converge, planning for a revolt to dethrone the Emperor. While the pope and the professor reason further, Johanna is surrounded by demons that only she is able to witness at this moment. The demons move around her, closing in on her, touching and reaching for her heart. The demons start becoming visible to the others. The Pope and the professor fall into prayer to banish the demons and set Johanna free. Pope Pete II leaves for Europe to spread the word about what has happened and to gather an army to fight against Antichrist. Professor Pauli leaves for Jerusalem to incite civil unrest against Seth. Johanna seems to have some secret plans of her own with Mare and Agnes... [ALL] Thy will be done! [POPE PETER II] To battle! Conquer! [ALL] Grant us strength, enlighten our hearts – Christ, holy savior! Bless this ground, uncover thy path – Lead on and guide us! [PROFESSOR PAULI] Lord, fulfill our souls on the verge of tears! [ALL] Lord, embrace us all at the gates of heaven! [POPE PETER II] Demons, demons, Satan's spawn, godless evil passion waltz around Johanna's heart, darkened. Leave! Be gone! [PROFESSOR PAULI (JOHANNA)] Lord, release thy child (Set me free, God, set me free!) in the name of thee! (I trust in thee!) [ALL] Lord, eternally send thy grace, thy morning!
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