Текст песни Therion - To Shine Forever

Chapter 26. Scene 4. Hand in hand Seth and Johanna slowly levitate. Two spiritual beings are revealed – these belong to Sophia and Helena. An angel and a demon also appears. Together they sing praises for the union and add all the love they can offer. No missing or bitterness. Light and darkness – everything is fulfilled! Seth and Johanna ascend and are devoured by light that turns into darkness. Only a bright star is visible. [MARE & AGNES] Melt your eyes, create a key to eternity. [AGNES] We had dreams, where are they now...? The dreams in our hearts... [MARE, ANGEL & DEMON CHOIR] Ageless glass of light, turn it on its head and we shall fall just like stars through time into night. Run and flow until dawn, rise to all the beauty in the darkness divine – to shine forever. [ANGEL] Bid farewell... [MARE & AGNES] Farewell...
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