Текст песни Therion - To Where I Weep

Chapter 15. Scene 1. Helena enters the room decorated with the bust of Seth. The room now also contains a bust in her image, next to the one of Seth. Grey light dominates the atmosphere. She talks to her husband's image. She has many questions about who he is deep down inside. Helena expresses her deepest feelings for Seth and exposes despair for not being able to reach all the way to him, to not fully understand who he is or where he comes from, while deeply longing to share everything with him. [HELENA] The rays of sunlight glitter as they play upon your face. The touch of heaven lingers in the shape of God's embrace. And a voice from down the ages so sweet and beautiful is reaching out to answer the calling of our soul. The sculptor's art so proudly, it does form a masterpiece. You're shaped unto perfection, from what eyes of man can see. But with time a magic moment reveals from where it's dark – no human hand may ever portray what's in your heart. The final light is streaming deep down to where I weep. Your face begins to ashen – your mystery to keep. But as your eyes grow darker, to mankind you must seem – a stroke of light at nightfall, the temple of our dreams. I so much long to travel where only you can go, no matter where you'd lead me – beyond or far below... No man nor god would find us if truth was ours alone – a place to journey further, a place to journey home...
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