Текст песни Therion - Where Will You Go?

Chapter 1. Scene 1. Seth Thanos is declaring his big future ambitions to fellow members of his perish. He leaves his perish to move on. [SETH] Woe to you, earth and sea. Who may hold the lock and key? Lift from me infant smiles, chase the sleep from my newborn eyes. [PARISH MEMBERS] Eyes with the light of true disciples turn to behold your new way. Where will you go, beloved brother into the judgement day...? [SETH] Lamb of God, names divine, rise but soon shall decline. Stars of old raise their spears crack my shield, pierce my tears. [PARISH MEMBERS] Dark is the night that leads from heaven, floating on light - a true hell. Hear, can you hear a choir of angels bid you a last farewell...
Слова и текст песни Therion - Where Will You Go? принадлежит его авторам.

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