Текст песни Thomston - Float

She was landlocked with her family name By the time that I got there She was in a state I took her places, it took adjustment Just being wanted And we ran before we walked before we crawled before we lay Swam before she learnt, before she'd even seen the waves I want the best and nothing less, I led her out so far Took her deep and let the water have it's way I had her hand And everything was good She could float just like I could (she could float just like I could) On our backs And everything was gold Should've never let her go I knew she couldn't float on her own Closed-eye kisses through one-way glass She watched her reflection I watched her fall apart She got sicker, she never breathed The air like me Now she's wounded and it's my fault She had always been so careful On my sonar, at the bottom I will show her to the surface again
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