Текст песни Thousand Foot Krutch - Come Along

I've met a lotta friends Been a lotta places Hung out in Hollywood With all the perfect faces Girls with dark tans Surfboards, the right bands Sometimes I feel like I could Hold the whole world in my hands Till I met you There were these things that made my day But you changed my views And I realized that there is more to life Than a Chevrolet And you say there's something different now About the way I hold my head And I am ready for it now To line 'em up and knock them down Come along now Grab a hand I'll show you how We can all get out of here Well soon we'll all be gettin' clear Take me, break me, you never gonna shake me There's a lot about me you don't know So don't doubt me I was sent to let the world know Wind me up and let me go Told ya I would never be truly artificial Won't just back down sittin' in the background Never play your enemy You'll never see the end of me It's ok, if you need some time Need some time to think And it's alright I won't walk the line Until I see you blink [2x]
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