Текст песни Tiger Lillies, the - Snake Woman

She'll wrap herself around you like a vine around a boughSpitting out her venom to the satanic vowsEach man she entices them with her satanic spellShe leads them all to ruin then takes them down to HellSnake woman...Snake woman...They wrap themselves around you how quietly they hissNow you taste saliva how dirty is their kissSnake woman...Snake woman...After they have gone they will shed their skinWhile you're left feeling dirty they'll feel free of sinSnake woman...

Snake woman...Snake woman...Snake woman...So a snake around you with her teeth will biteAfter they have strangled you in the blackest nightSnake woman...Snake woman...Snake woman...Snake woman...Evil evil evilEvil is her kissIf you listen closely you can hear her hissSnake woman... [x8]
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