Текст песни Tiger Lillies, the - The Freaks

Welcome to the carnival of circus freaksThe bleeding lady the blood from her leaksHere is a place where you can buy crackLobotomised whores who you can slapThe freaks...The freaks...The snake woman drinks six bottles of ginGives you a blow-job and sheds her skinWelcome to the carnival of circus freaksLadies and gentlemen take your seatsThe freaks...The freaks...The bearded lady crap she extractsProduces an elephant out of her snatchShe will shock you and depraveThe perverts in your town's newest crazeThe freaks...The freaks...The matchstick man has broken bonesThe hairy man's hairy child is clonedUnder the surface of glitz and pearls

Their poison into you will unfurlThe freaks...The freaks...The muscle man the legs does breakOf three-legged three-legged three-legged JakeUnder the surface under the smilesEach one a pervert to be defiledThe freaks...The freaks...After your heart has been consumedYour normality sent to it's doomYou'll be deformed as the restThis freakshow, this freakshow is the best!The freaks...The freaks...The freaks...The freaks...The freaks!The freaks!The freaks!The freaks!
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