Текст песни Tim McIlrath - It's Late

Wrapped up in a short black coat worn thin A hand around her match to block the wind She smiled as the smoke escaped her lips Then let her hand fall gently away from his Cause it's late now, and I'm tired of all these games And the cold night stings my skin I won't say it now, but I get closer everyday To letting this world win And the city chokes on everything it makes But the sunrise heals every heart it breaks And not unlike the birds, we all sing songs To celebrate, to mourn, or just hang on Cause it's late now, and the day has not been kind So I came here to forget It's a hard town, but I hold my head up high Like a death row cigarette Can't this all wait 'til the morning I can't think straight right now Seems like we're better off without these clenched fists All boxing us in, I want out, I want out Like Christmas lights left up 'till mid-July We kept alive something that should have died And everyday another light burns out 'till on this street we are the darkest house Cause it's late now, and everybody's left And I think I might too But like my mother said, You always leave with who you bring And I came here with you
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