Текст песни Tinavie - Breathe out

We lay sleepy in the park, upon the autumn leaves.Look into the endless sky, it’s boundlessFree and happy, chasing our dreams.With our arms around each otherAnd our faces to the windAnother day, another time -We’ll find a place for us,For being young.Keep it close: hold on to the moment.It's a flashback that never returns.I breathe out. I wait for youTo wake me up carefully.

I breathe out. I always knew,I always knew you would come.We keep well hidden all our fantasies:They can't come true, if you don’t get close to me.Ain't nothing gonna break us up,I always knew that you‘d be there.But something changed in us -In the long, lonely days.Between you and me, inside you and me.I don’t wanna leave, I need you now.Please let it be, please let it be.
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