Текст песни Tinie Tempah - Peak

[Intro: Tinie Tempah](Yeah)When they're try'na get the girl to the crib and she leaves, it's peakTry'na keep it discrete and she Tweets, it's peakSee me rolling with 20 man deep, it's peakYo rudeboy, pull up with me it's peak[Verse 1: Tinie Tempah]Master with the melodyShit's hard, a charger for my energyReal hard, didn't ask for this celebrityAlready more ready than I'll never be, they're nuttin' anybody telling meRudeboy, you ain't got a part in the legacyYou are not a star, cause your hearts full of jealousyPagan mandemTell Sloth that I don't rate them mandem, Satan brang themBrap yo, mans had to stack dough, getting pack loadsBlack boys in black clothes, doing mad showsCould've worked some macros, that's a fact broMum knows and dad knowsWhen they're try'na act gully on the beatGot no money for the weedNone of them honeys wanna beatGot no followers to TweetNigga tell 'em, go tell 'em it's peak(Yeah)[Hook: Tinie Tempah]When they're try'na get the girl to the crib and she leaves, it's peak(Didn't even know that)Try'na keep it discrete and she Tweets, it's peak(Girl I never saw that)See me rolling with 20 man deep, it's peak(Click clack, gon' blow that)Yo rudeboy, pull up with me it's peak[Refrain]They don't want a war with the king[Verse 2: Stormzy]Come to the party, man getting locked off

Walk in the rave with your chain getting popped offGet to the hotel, man ain't got signalYo Flipz, please let me jump in your hot spotEverybody wanna send shots for the top shotsDon't care 'bout your ratas or your what-notYo, let me hear them jokes, wanna knock knockBang bang, everybody die when it pops offI'm only joking, that's so rudeKill 'em every time when I'm spitting in the boothSpin 'em on a grime ting, spin 'em on a rap tingSpin 'em like I have been, spin' em from a youtYou done a mad ting, yeah man you stabbed himBut that was just something that you didn't wanna doMan think they're bad cos they smoked one zootLook I'm better than him and I'm better than you[Hook][Verse 3: Bugzy Malone]YoThe Nokia's still ringing and it's peakI didn't even know thatCos I been on the roadside collecting money all weekI didn't even know thatI just been through more green than a sycamore treeI didn't even know thatI'm about to do another million views, it's peakDon't send for me, if you send for me, it's weakAnd I've just moved from Freddy Krueger's streetNow I have a nightmare to every 25 dreamsThem man are still chasing 25 G'sAnd I'm try'na pick a pair from 125 sneaksThey said they didn't follow my InstagramHow did he know Drizzy Drake was following meI didn't even know thatJust know I stay Manchester until I can't breathe[Hook][Outro]They don't want a war with the king (x7)PEAK! (x4)
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