Текст песни Tink - Tell The Children

[Intro]Don't shootTell the children to watch out, watch outDon't shootTell the children to watch out, watch outDon't shoot [Skit]I'm here, I'm putting my life on the line for my people, I'm putting life on the line for everybody in this country. I believe in equality for everybody. And why do cops tell us we can't be like, like you said, we have a right to defend ourselves. Marshall Law They have complete domain over us, they are like Gods. If they tell you not to do something, you cannot do it. And if you do, they will treat you like a dog. You will be shot down. Well at least for a black man, I'm not sure for everybody but I do understand that, I hope it's not like that for everyone [Refrain]Tell the children to, watch outKeep runnin', runnin', runnin', runnin'They're gainin' on us, oh they're gainin' on usKeep runnin', runnin', runnin', runnin'(Keep on, keep on) [Verse 1]Plot twists, an enemy and his kidsWe in the crib, it's a quarter past ten"Where your brother at?" Run up in his room, pulled the cover backWhere I'm from niggas leave the porch and they don't make it backPolice life, nana starts pacing"Fuck the pigs want, what brings you here on this occasion?"Pow, pow, pow, pow, powBoys been gunned down, your boys is having fun nowWith our blood and our sons, disturbing the peaceHe's more afraid of him when he's the one with the piece?Aaah, nana drop, she hollering "Why God?!"

[?] me tell us it's nothin' but their jobThey profile usThen they wonder why he grow up being prejudice and so violentThey trigger us down from the rich to the poorThey'll fuck with you cause they can't believe that it's yoursRegistration, I'll give these fuckin' streets motivationThey wanna take us out so they start making allegationsI'm fed up, police comin' so we sped upMy nana told me "fuck twelve keep yo' head up" [Refrain] [Verse 2]King died for us niggas living in poverty50 years later we still don't have equality, it bothers meA badge is a pass to do whateverSo now we living in fear of the people here to protect usYo, they lie and disrespect us, kill us, and then neglect usThe problem when nobody sees the view from our perspectiveMy people shed blood from the acres you had stoleNow my people shedding blood on the gravel left in the coldHow these news anchors talking 'bout the struggleThese niggas had it good, never had a pat down up in they hoodNever had to take a charge, never had to stop the carNever had to hit the stands so you would never understandBe one hunnid, I'll meet you at the top just like a summitMy flows are repugnant, I'ma make you sound redundantI really am messiah, bless the [?] before you tie itThen I'm grabbing out I'll hook 'em [?]Them niggas see me flyin' uh [Refrain]
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