Текст песни Todrick Hall - See Your Face

I folded all your shirtsThose dusty curtainsNow they're fresh and newYour dance shoes and socksIn costume boxesPiled up to the roofPut fresh new double A batteriesIn that old jam box you useJust in case I get to see your faceWell our rent was paidA few months lateAnd they say we got to moveFound this pretty houseA few miles outBut we didn't get approvedSo we got this little apartmentWith a cute extra spare roomCause one day you might

Need to stay the nightMake sure you're drinking plenty waterI hope you're getting plenty restBeen following online, we're fineJust trying to do our bestBut you're looking just like your fatherOh, I wish that he could seeGod must have thought the world of youTo give you to little old mePlease give Shay a call, he's getting tallGo to all his football gamesGot a picture framed of you on stageAt your very first balletAnd I know that you won't answerBut I'll call you twice a dayJust in case today might be the dayI get to see your face
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