Текст песни Todrick Hall - See Your Face

I folded all your shirts Those dusty curtains Now they're fresh and new Your dance shoes and socks In costume boxes Piled up to the roof Put fresh new double A batteries In that old jam box you use Just in case I get to see your face Well our rent was paid A few months late And they say we got to move Found this pretty house A few miles out But we didn't get approved So we got this little apartment With a cute extra spare room Cause one day you might Need to stay the night Make sure you're drinking plenty water I hope you're getting plenty rest Been following online, we're fine Just trying to do our best But you're looking just like your father Oh, I wish that he could see God must have thought the world of you To give you to little old me Please give Shay a call, he's getting tall Go to all his football games Got a picture framed of you on stage At your very first ballet And I know that you won't answer But I'll call you twice a day Just in case today might be the day I get to see your face
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