Текст песни Tom Petty - Don't fade on me

I remember you so clearlyThe first one through the doorI return to find you driftingToo far from the shoreI remember feeling this wayYou can lose it without knowingYou wake up and you don't noticeWhich way the wind is blowingDon't fadeDon't fade on meYou were the one who made things differentYou were the one who took me inYou were the one thing I could count on

Above all you were my friendDon't fadeDon't fade on meWell your clothes hang on a wireAnd the sun is overheadBut today you are too wearyTo even leave your bedWas it love that took you under?Or did you know too much?Was it something you could pictureBut never could quite touch?Don't fadeDon't fade on me
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