Текст песни Tony Bennett - I'm Thru with Love

I have given you my true loveBut you love a new loveWhat am I supposed to do nowWith you nowYou're through nowYou'll be on your merry wayAnd there's only this to sayI'm through with love,I'll never fall again,Said adieu to love,Don't ever call again,For I must have you or no one,And so I'm through with loveI've locked my heart

I'll keep my feelings thereI have stocked my heart with icy frigid airAnd I mean to care for no oneBecause I'm through with loveWhy did you lead me to think you could care?You didn't need me,for you had your shareof slaves around you to hound you and swear,With deep emotionDevotion to youGoodbye to springand all it meant to meIt could never bring the things that used to beFor I must have you or no oneAnd so I'm through with love
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